1: Belts

Belts are the sort of accessories that can really lift an outfit, and as the majority out there are fairly inexpensive they can be great value for money if you buy wisely.  I have more belts than I’d care to count, and it’s hard to part with them when I never know when I’ll want a few shades of brown or different widths to choose from!  As many chunky chicks will know, the look of overall body proportion can change dramatically from such a simple thing…

Here’s my look for this challenge.  I like to play around with patterns, and when I put on the animal print belt and heels I think it took this dress up a level.  Because the weather is changing to autumn in Sydney I ended up putting on black tights and a pair of leopard ballerina flats to go to work…I do a lot of walking each day and heels are not good for my knees

Pippa’s wearing: Dress – Evans Beth Ditto collection #2 | Belt – Jaeger London | Shoes: Nine West

Without further ado, here are the lovelies who sent me their photos.  I do wish there were more of you!

Erin’s wearing: Top – Old Navy | Skirt – Peruvian Connection | Belt – Target | Leggings – Torrid | Shoes – Montego Bay


Jenny’s wearing: Top – U2 360 tour | Cardigan – Kmart | Necklaces and Wristband – Sportsgirl | Belt: TJ Maxx neon green alligator cowboy belt |
Change/Compass holder – shop in Olinda, Australia | Pants – Old Navy | Shoes – Sanuks

Lilli’s wearing: Top – Sportscraft | Cardigan: 8Inkerman | Jeans: Embody Denim | Boots: Boots For Broads | Belt: Glassons

Sarah’s wearing: Dress – thrifted | Shoes: Gap thrifted | Belt: NY & Co. | Bracelet: trip to Venice | Headband: Wal-Mart

Frances is wearing: Dress – Jibri| Shoes – Nu+Nan | Belt – Vintage from Jinia/Etsy | Necklace – Tree of Life

Sonya’s wearing: Dress – vintage | Belt – Country Road scarf | Shoes – Jane Debster

I was wondering if anyone would sent in a ‘scarf as belt’ shot – it’s a really handy alternative for a softer look, and it’s perfect for Sonya’s green goddess outfit.

http://raspberryinheels.blogspot.com/ (more outfit photos there!)
Rebecca is wearing: Dress – Monet by Jigsaw 
LEFT: Belt – Jigsaw | Shoes – ZU | Cardigan – Jigsaw
RIGHT: Belt – Review | Shoes – Heavenly Daze

I can’t decide if I prefer Rebecca’s blue cardigan look with the blue shoes, or the flash of red at waist and shoes.  What do you think?

Which of these outfits is most like your style?


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