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1: Belts

Belts are the sort of accessories that can really lift an outfit, and as the majority out there are fairly inexpensive they can be great value for money if you buy wisely.  I have more belts than I’d care to count, and it’s hard to part with them when I never know when I’ll want a few shades of brown or different widths to choose from!  As many chunky chicks will know, the look of overall body proportion can change dramatically from such a simple thing…

Here’s my look for this challenge.  I like to play around with patterns, and when I put on the animal print belt and heels I think it took this dress up a level.  Because the weather is changing to autumn in Sydney I ended up putting on black tights and a pair of leopard ballerina flats to go to work…I do a lot of walking each day and heels are not good for my knees

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THEME: Statement belts.  The belt doesn’t have to be a major thing in itself, but it has to be a focal point of the outfit and make it all come together.



Send an email with the following info:
1. Name!
2. Blog URL!
3. Clothing Credits!
4. Photos – maximum 3 per challenge.  Photo size details: not smaller than 500pixels wide, and 750px tall, 72dpi in .JPG, .PNG or .BMP formats.  Please – not bigger than 1.5MB!

Send to chunkyfreshdressed at hotmail dot com, with Challenge: BELTS in the subject line.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s ideas!!

What is chunky.FRESH.dressed?

Hey – thanks for visiting!

chunkyFRESHdressed is an online style challenge for chunky chicks.  It’s one garment or fashion theme, shown multiple different ways by multiple different people with different body types.  It’s that simple.  Many of us have our wardrobe staples and ‘usual’ way of wearing things.  This challenge series will give people a chance to see how other people interpret fashion and become inspired to try new things.

How will it work?
A notice will be posted on the twitter feed (@chunkychallenge) for each round.  The theme or item will be fairly general for the most part so that people can put their own spin on things.  Afterall, ‘white shirt’ can mean very different things to each of us depending on our individual style!

People who wish to participate will submit the photo/s of the outfit they put together by the due date, and I’ll post those photos online for your viewing pleasure.

How do I participate?
Just send me your well-lit, in focus photo clearly showing the item or theme for the challenge by email to chunkyfreshdressed AT hotmail dot com with your name, clothing credits for everything that you are wearing, your blog URL if you have one, and anything else you want to tell me (though I may not be able to include more than your name, credits and a bloglink with the photo). I’ll put you online.  Easy.

I would ideally like a straight-on angled photo, but if you are wearing something that has some fance* on the back of it, send me photos of both sides – front and back.  Yes, you can send in photos you have already posted online, but only if they meet the criteria for the challenge.  For example:

A photo of Natalie standing outside at night wearing a black dress and floral tights.

Here are some excellent examples of photos in terms of framing and shooting from the best level towards the subject.  When you shoot ‘up’ or ‘down’ (ie holding a camera that is not around eye level) it distorts and probably won’t be a usable shot.  I’d really hate to not be able to use a shot because you were trying to be all arty with your photos!

A photo of Lilli wearing a patterned top and skirt

Above is an excellent example of a photo that shows everything in detail and shows a bit of character.  You don’t have to be looking at the camera – we just need to see what you are wearing!!  So please use timers on cameras or get friend involved!  Also, Natalie’s photo is good for a variety of different challenge ideas but probably not for a black dress theme because you can’t see detail on the dress.  So I hope this helps everyone understand what makes a good photo submission!

How to submit:
1. Name!
2. Blog URL!
3. Clothing Credits!
4. Photos – maximum 3 per challenge.  Photo size details: not smaller than 500pixels wide, and 750px tall, 72dpi in .JPG, .PNG or .BMP formats.  Please – not bigger than 1.5MB!
5. Send to chunkyfreshdressed at hotmail dot com, with Challenge title in the subject line.

Who can participate?
Anyone who can take a half decent photo of themselves without using a phone camera and a mirror (LOLZ) or who has a friend who can help out, and who doesn’t mind their slammin’ fashion stylings being applauded on the internet.   It’s open to everyone – even if you are already a fatshion blogging phenomenon and couldn’t possibly spare time for this – come on, you know you want more traffic – everyone gets a linky 😉

The challenges will be an even playing field when it comes to fashion – because the whole purpose is to provide inspiration at all levels of budget and dress size.  If you want to wear Walmart, wear it.  If you want to wear Marina Rinaldi, wear it.  Mix the two if you like.  Just PLEASE don’t feel like you have to go buy anything to participate, because you don’t have to!!  Just ‘shop your wardrobe’ like never before 🙂

I hope to have the first round starting soon, so get ready and make sure you are following @chunkychallenge


(* Fance is a delightful term coined by the fabulous Definatalie)